when is a 2nd chance just a 2nd chance?

When does someone deserve a second chance? These last few days I began to think of an answer to this questions. I would think that someone would have excelled so well the first time that one would be willing to overlook a minor misstep and allow them a second chance to finish what they started? Right?

Or did you give them a second chance just because, well this was their first time messing up? But then there would be no “finals” in a sense. You know, if everyone got a second chance.

Sometimes you just have to accept that second chances should be the exception and not the rule and not everyone is entitled to one. Yes, it sounds good in theory that everyone deserves a second chance, but I meanreally? Do they? I don’t mean the proverbial, he paid his debt to society and should be released from prison and given a second chance at life type situation but a real life common situation, like a matter of the heart.. is every suitor worthy of a second chance?

2 thoughts on “when is a 2nd chance just a 2nd chance?

  • Cleo

    LOL @ old ass .. and girl … I absolutely am believing. There is no second chance here. Am I sad? a lil bit bit .. Do I regret it? No …

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