CleoSunshine, M.A !!!!!

Who’s going to be a New York University Alumni ?? That’s right ME!

In case you don’t know me well enough to know that I have a real job/career. You know, one that pays the excessive bills I have every month, and its at a college/university. I actually enjoy what I do and find it to be satisfying and would love to spend my life in this field, just not in the current job I have. So, I’m attending the New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development. I will be looking to receive a M.A in Higher Education/Student Personnel Administration (or as my lovely coworker calls it, my Nursing Degree)

I am so excited because I’ve been wanting to go back for a Master’s Degree for some time. Initially when I took my first full-time job at Rutgers when I graduate it was with the intention to get a FREE graduate degree while employed there, but at the time I was so all over the place and unsure of what I actually wanted to do with my life, because I was one of those people who had no idea what they really wanted to do with the life after college and majored in Journalism & Media Students because I do enjoy writing. So I did take that time to take some non-matric classes to feel my way around, I took a Budget & Marketing class, an English Class (graduate  English students are weirdo central by the way!), and even a spanish class. Eventually I begain to decide I did enjoy working in the education field and was torn between School Counseling and College Student Affairs, I took a Counseling & Interview course which was a requirement for both degrees and took the time to decide which job was for me and decided I LOVE working in colleges. I just don’t have the patience for anyone younger than 17 and I like the workplace environment. So then I began to research other programs and not limit myself to the school I was working at, especially since I was unsatisfied with my job there. And that’s how I got here

I’m really happy because this was the #1 goal  I set for myself back in early 2010, peep:

1. Get into Grad School !!!

Yay Me!

Let’s take a minute to reflect back on the other goals I made:

Write More: Um, I did get published, but I didn’t write here as much as I should/could have.

Read more non-fiction: I read a lot this year, so much that I had to give up my Barnes & Noble membership in lieu of a free library card. Yeah. But I can’t say I read 1 non-fiction a month. #drats

Prioritize: I guess I did focus on some things and didn’t spend as much time online, I just spent that time shopping or eating… hmm

Be more family oriented: This was hit or miss. I did feel like I was making a big effort, I just felt it wasn’t returned so I gave up.

One thought on “CleoSunshine, M.A !!!!!

  • YAY!!!!! Isn’t school fun before you start ? lol I wish you all the success in your program, I’m not sure how CSP programs are structured, but they seem to have fun? LOL so hopefully yours is too. And as for be more family oriented, perhaps it’ll mean the family thats willing, or the family you’ve made for yourself! FOO (family of origin) isn’t everything!

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