Adventures in Randomness

Sooo … In case you guys don’t know this about  me I say some pretty ridiculous things, pretty often. You ever see the  show, Kids Say the Dardnest Things? No, me neither since it was before my time, but I heard about it… but that’s me .. So here are some snapshots of random things I said while on my Virgin Voyage to Cali with @HollywoodHeat and E-BFF @Jess_Dubb, my two favorite strangers (who I guess aren’t strangers anymore)…

“Its warm and gooey and you bite into it! How is he gonna make that analogy!!”


J:I can only wink when I’m up to something devious.
J2: uh so what were u up to when you winked at that little girl?!
J:  I wanted to scare her.


“That looks like the guy who raped charolotte King”
L: I don’t like Waffles, take that black people!
J: you lie! Waffles are Belgian!!!
J: what’s a male version of a shiksa? J2: a shikso?

“That’s real pedophilliac.”

.. Yeah .. IDK .. I question myself.

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