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Yesterday someone said to me, “are you gaining weight?”

That single sentence almost ruined my day. To start I thought I looked quite chic that day in my attire. And while I hadn’t lost any weight my scale also hasn’t moved up. So, I was devastated. Isn’t this question tied with number one for “Questions not to ask women?” Along with ‘how old are you?”

I had just had a conversation the previous day where someone said “but you don’t need to lose weight” and I had to explain that its not about there being bigger people in the world, its a matter of physical satisfaction with oneself, which I do not have. I mean, how is that a statement to offer someone solace, “Don’t worry, there are fatter people out there.” Soo.. I should just be happy being on the slim side of fat? #thanksbutnothanks.

Do I know that? Does it make me feel better when I look in the mirror naked? Yes and no respectively. Weight loss is HARD, especially when your like me and have little discipline and even less time on your plate. Even without making excuses, weight is a sensitive subject that I usually only discuss with those close to me, am I alone?

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  • Take that moment back…and smile and say maybe and go on about your day. I hate when one thing that cuts to the quick is the dark cloud that suddenly bursts open leaving us drenched so that even when the sun comes back out we’re still all wet.

    You’ll get there…but not by pushing yourself any harder (imo) .

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