21 days to make a habit ..

My friend mentioned this to me some time ago, and we discussed the validity of it.. And will admit, I was skeptical, but willing. Partly, because in my perpetual diet since I was 17, they say if you give up something for 2 weeks, the cravings will go away. The will just ebb away.. So I guessed this followed the same principal. I just didn’t know of anything I wanted to make a habit that I could work into life at this time. Since I gave up Facebook and Twitter for lent I realized its true.

In the first few days (weeks) I was jonesing to tweet and update a status.. Or I was receiving texts about someone’s FB posts/pictures. But last week, about 20 something days into lent I realized those urges were dying, and I no longer jonesed so much for the thrill.. I’m serious, in the first few days I’d just go to the FB site and look at the log in page, fighting the temptation. Now, not so much. Do I miss it? YES and I’ll probably be fb’ing as soon as midnight strikes on Easter.. But I probably should see how long I can go without tweeting. The same for TV, once I got accustomed to not watching it, I don’t really think of it. I have days where I wonder about my favorite characters and I catch up, if possible, online.

What I would LOVE to be able to make part of my habit is working out. I’m so over “not having enough time.” While I do admit it is hard with my alternating work schedule and school to find time to actually GO to a gym, that shouldn’t stop me, so I got a BIKE. YES, a pedal bike. I was soooo excited to get this bike, I drove all the way to Yonkers after work to buy it from a coworker, and what happens on the days I try to ride? RAIN!!! Don’t worry though, I’m determined to get this bike on the road and as a vehicle to exercising regularly.

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