What do stats really mean?

Yesterday in an attempt to “eat healthier” a friend and I decided to go to Cosi for some salads or other “healthier” fare instead of our original pizza plan. I opted for a half soup/half salad combo. Tomato Basil soup and the Signature Salad with grapes, apples, mixed greens and gorgonzola cheese thinking I made the healthier choice by eating so light. I even got baby carrots as my side instead of chips.

So I went home to calculate how many PointsPlus this was. Healthy my ASS! Why was a side of soup 6 WW Points?!? And the salad 5 points?!? Pizza is only 4 points per slice (thin crust). How can some seemingly innocent food do such destruction?! I was really bothered, I felt like “damn, I shouldn’t have deprived myself of a little indulgence.” All of these “healthier” options are hiding calories somewhere. The Fuji Apple Chicken Salad @ Panera Bread? When I plugged their nutritional stats into my points calculator that was 10 points. -_- . How can a group of 0 point foods turn into a massive points buster?!?Dressing is like some serious liquid calories for that azz.

I mean, I know that in the end I did the right thing by not opting for the refined carby goodness that was pizza because I supplied my body with some good nutrients (I think with tomatoes and salad greens and carrots right) but when I’m tally up my point total for the day, its disheartening. *sigh* It makes me feel like you can’t win for losing..

It doesn’t help that I just love FOOD! I mean, everything about it. I think I was a chef in a past life or I’m slowly building up to being an amazing cook because food fascinates me. I love sitting in Barnes and browsing the food bible. I really do feeling like battling with food is like fighting an addiction. I scolded myself because I’m able to give up things like twitter, facebook, and even coffee (oh how I miss the smell), but I struggle with other food vices. I mean, food is essential to life and we should enjoy it right?!

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One thought on “What do stats really mean?

  • its bc of all the junk that goes on the salad…if you just ate the veggies it wouldn’t be so bad! But then you have the protien and whatever that’s cooked in, the dressing, the extras…its bananas. I say eat what u want (in moderation). Til you learn that nothing’s gonna stick anyway

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