Bittersweet Birthdays

So, this weekend I had a birthday. And Birthdays are bittersweet, I was soooo excited at one point and the next I was crying because I wasn’t where I wanted to be and this was my second single birthday. But after some self – pep talking and some convos with awesome people, I decided to focus on the positives.. Let’s see. What am I grateful for. What did 25 bring me?? AWESOMENESS !!!

1. New Job in NYC.
2. Acceptance into Grad School, in NYC
3. Trip to LA where I’ve always wanted to go
4. Trip to ATL where I’ve wanted to visit
5. Some awesome new people I didn’t know last year.
6. Job moving me to the campus closer to my house !!! (Technically this won’t happen until I’m 26, but still good news )

That’s 5, FIVE, memorable life changing things there. How could I have been foolish enough to focus on the negative-the biggest being single? Why? Because we are trained to think about what’s missing instead of whats good. Is being single great? Yes, at times. Its great to do what you want, when you want, without having to be overly concerned with someone elses feelings. But its also not great. You feel like your missing a companion, you don’t get laid regularly, you have to buy your own gifts on holidays, and you sleep alone most days-but is that worth ignoring all the other amazing things? By all means, NO!!

I think its time I start focusing on the positives. I do always try, but maybe not with all my heart , because its so hard-like I said, we are trained to think of life as a glass half empty instead of half full. But from today forward, I’m working on the other way. I’m taking charge of my life and making it a positive one, thinking positive got me this far!

Writing this blog made me think of something I have in my kitchen window:: the Dalai Lama’s 18 Rules for Living, more specifically-“When you lose, don’t lose the lesson” and “Remember, not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck” and these things are absolute truths! At first, I was sort of upset about having to commute to NYC when my job has NJ campuses so near my house, but I met some amazing people who I hope continue on this life journey with me. I also discovered a fashion sense I didn’t have before and appreciate NYC in a new way. I admit, I will kind of miss it, but I’ll still have to go for class.

Ok, I’m rambling. Lesson:: celebrate what you have, not dwell on what’s missing. Also, its not missing if you never had it

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4 thoughts on “Bittersweet Birthdays

  • It seems like as you get older you are always reminded of what you have not accomplished, or personal short cummings, but congrats on the positivity, strive through it all, I feel the same way seems like I have been in grad school for forever, but I’m slowly making my way out always remember you are where you are for a reason andnon a side note if your ever in the atl again hit me up drinkbon me

  • ruth

    Hey Cleo, I really liked your positiveness. It’s inspiring to me. @Sherminator: congrats on the positivity, strive through it all, I feel the same way seems like I have been in grad school for forever, but I’m slowly making my way out. I just wanted to say something like that to Cleo. Keep your positivity, make your mind more strong, hope you will be able to overcome all of yours sorrows one day.

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