Summer Screens

It just occurred to me as I listened to a radio ad for the movie “The Help” This summer was a Powerhouse for movies.. I’m talking Xmen, Transformers, HARRY POTTER, Captain America (I didn’t see that tho) Friends with Benefits and many others.

I mean, when was a summer this awesome. None that I can think of. Its kinda bittersweet though, I’ll never have another HP movie or possibly not another Transformers .. And with the success of so many of these comes the not so awesome sequel attempts.

Anywho, here are some of my thoughts on these summer blockbusters that I did see and the ones I think were alleged blockbusters that I didn’t see..

1. Xmen — Awesome. I’m a big fan of the X-Men series and I loved the early introduction to some characters.


2. Harry Potter– So So Soooo Sad that its over. Devastated.

3. Transformers- loved it. Laughed a lot.

4. Crazy, stupid, Love- loved it. Adult humor. Ryan Gosling Topless=awesomeness

5. Friends w/ Benefits – cute. Mila Kunis + JT were funny. Mila’s mom character, funny.

6. Bad Teacher – Funny, but I’m still unsure of the point.

7. Something Borrowed – cute. Good book adaptation.

8.BridesMaids- alleged the hangover of Chick flicks. I found it funny. I do love Maya Rudolph.

What I didn’t see:

Pirates of the Carribean – I thought the last one was the last one.

Hangover II – I refuse to tarnish my opinion of the first. No one person gave this an A review.

Super 8
Green Lantern
Captain America
Cowboys & Aliens
Rise of Planet of the Apes

Will see:
The Help

Very good movie season! Viva la Summer!

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