Today I choose…

Today I really sat and thought about choices and their impact. Life really is all about the choices we make (for the most part). I’ve come to think that it’s really the small things that make up the biggest aspects of our lives. 

Small choices = big results. Isn’t that like the mantra of every diet book and weight loss guide in the world? What made me go down this train of thought were several things, various Facebook statuses from friends and my own  battle with coffee stick out to me. 

Someone wrote how they just want to be drama free. Well if you want To be how can it not be? Because of the choices we make!!  You want drama free but you indulge flirting with men or women online for your significant other to see. You want drama free but you spend time gossiping on the phone with coworkers about coworkers. You don’t want drama but you frequently entertain shenanigans. You choose the people in your life. If someone brings drama, cut them off! And I know that everyone has their own definitions of drama, but whatever it is to you , it’s a matter of the choices you make. 

I want to give up coffee, well not really but I think I could drink less. The other day I as driving past QuickChek and they have some amazingly delicious coffee, including an extreme caffeine blend. It took ALL my willpower not to stop in, even though I was tied and hadn’t been sleeping well and I needed that boost of caffeine. 

I’m trying to go back to where I made a conscious choice every day to be positive. I used to do this and realize I liked who I was more then. I won’t pretend it’s easy it’s REALLY hard to be positive daily when you dont see instant, tangible results. I also want to make a conscious choice to Handle my time better. I’ve always struggled with time management, but now I want to tackle this as a goal. I say this as I realize I’ve been sitting on the couch watching E! Since I’ve woken up. I know I want to do this but I have to plan my how. Right now it’s just an idea, soon enough I’ll have a plan and I will definitely share. 

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