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Lately, being a single girl who’s not opposed to dating courtship has been on my mind A LOT! Mostly because I just feel the people I meet aren’t doing it right! But some do! Something happened last night that made me think of a great blog entry . So here goes …

Recently a gentleman opened my car door for me. Shocked me. I wasn’t used to such displays of chivalry but i ran with it. And I wanted to reach over and open his door, but of course he had automatic locks. And it made me think of the “Car Door Test” described by Sonny in a Bronx Tale. Not familiar? Peep the video ::

Pretty much, what Sonny tells his nephew is this: If you want to know if the girl is a good girl, a keeper, you open her car door for her. You walk around the BACK of the car and peek in. If she’s not reaching over to flip the lock for you, DUMP HER! This comes after he just gave him a spiel about don’t worry about what others think. Clearly Uncle Sonny never anticipated automatic locks and key less entry. -___-

So what do you do for the guy who still opens the car door for you?

I have a young man who comes and talks to me. I recently met him in the professional capacity but he’s quite promising as young man and I wish him the best. He was in my office telling me how he met this DOPE girl from Chicago and he really wanted to get to know her and good first date ideas. I thought it was SOOOO cute!!! I blushed FOR her! But we got to talking about texting and dating. Now I’m a frequent texter but not the the extreme and I told him that nothing beats conversation. Phone or in person. I said I don’t know if its because I’m on the brink of the text generation. People weren’t texting out of style when I was in high school, so you HAD to talk to the person either on the phone or in person. I shared a person experience of a recent potential suitor who’s trying to have a text message relationship. So he said what’s appropriate texting with someone you don’t know yet? I thought for a minute .. and I said ,

Well, you ask a few casual questions, but I think it should be to set up a face to face interaction. Whether its to grab coffee at Starbucks or go bowling or walk through the park, you want to really get to know someone. Or even ask if they are available to talk on the phone. I also understand not everyone is a phone talker, but everyone is a face to face talker, unless you’re a social reject.

He thought for a minute and said, “yeah, I think that’s a good idea. I’m gonna do that.” I was pleased.  More young men need to be saved. This conversation was with my friend about dating and courtship and just recognizing BS. Its a dog – eat – dog world out there.. and some purebreds are losing.

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