Lux et Veritas

I got a new tattoo .. Lux et Veritas,  which is Latin for  light and truth.

It’s crazy how I discovered this quote. I happened to be reading John Thellin’s book, A History of Higher Education and as I was reading about Colonial co lleges and their development he briefly mentioned that the motto for Harvard was Lux et Veritas. Lux et Veritas stood out to me so much. I jotted it down and put a sticky on my desk.  I let it marinate for a few days. I was also watching Charmed one day (who doesn’t know that I LOVE Charmed? ) and Leo gave this speech to Piper (his wife) that in her he saw everything that was good and beautiful in the world and that was why when he had the opportunity he made her the Earth Goddess.

So, as I kept looking at this quote, I kept wondering what it meant to me. I mean, it did stick out to me so much.  Well, I’d been wanting to get a new tattoo for a few months now, so the opportunity presented itself on Friday. I decided to go with this quote I’d become obsessed about. Lux et Veritas. I got it on my left shoulder, written in mirror image. As the idea formulated I knew what it meant to get it. In the mirror, I hope to always reflect the truth of the world and I hope to always reflect that light. Light and Truth.  Mirrors will never lie to us. Reflect what you want to see within.

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