Fashion Friday 12.2.2011 :Kitty’s Meet N’ Tweet

Bubbly, Nail Polish, Jewelry and Treats were abundant at the Kitty Bradshaw Meet N’ Tweet event Tuesday. And what’s NOT to love about such things? What is a Meet N’ Tweet? It’s an opportunity to get together in one room with various bloggers and vendors to view items and discuss and network. What’s the one thing that benefits you in every field, NETWORKING!!! I was able to meet for the first time @mysdee and the ladies @shoshi and @OsoChic again.

I love events where people can come showcase their talents without trying to sell you items, and that’s exactly what this was. Kitty did a great job bringing together a variety of bloggers to experience different brands and/or services. So this event was great for me.

Why was this great you ask? So, as you guys know I’ve been a bit of a slacker for longer than I’d like to admit with blogging, and this kind of gave me some extra motivation of why I started doing it to begin with. No, not the meeting and the tweeting, but the following your passions! So many of the speakers were small business owners who were doing what they loved;  making jewelry ( @Accessoryremix) spa services ( baking ( @tasty_morsels) and technology ( @nrelate). Writing was/ is my passion and I need to get back to basics!

Now, onto the stuff! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG So… I had heard recently of Squeem ( @Squeem) and that they were the Who’s Who among shapewear, so needless to say I was thrilled to see it in the gift bag. I received the perfect waist shapewear and wore it yesterday. OMG LOVE IT. It feels weird at first to the touch.  Before reading closely I said, “hhmmm this feels like a rubber tire.” Lo and Behold Rubber is one of the materials used, but not in an offensive way. Awesomeness. I wore my Squeem with my Hanes Hosiery. FYI I live for tights and dresses and boots in autumn and winter. Black opaque tights are a hot commodity and very hard to find good quality #score! They were so warm yesterday! If you know nothing else about me, you know that I LOVE nail polish and nail art. It seriously is a hobby and passion. My nail polish colletion has grown exponentionaly over the past year or so. Soooo imagine my delight when there were CND Nail polishes! CND is known for their Shellac manicure and pedicure services but of course you need special equipment for that. I immediatelly went home and tried on the polish and it was amazing. The last thing I’ve tried so far was the CoverGirl  Queen Collection Lipstick. While the color I received looks awful on me (IMO) the formula was very smooth and I liked it. Some lipgloss is very matte but this had shine and made my lips look luscious and kissable!

So that’s all the beauty products. I also went and added the Nrelate plug in to my site. I’m excited to see how that works out. I wasn’t able to mention everyone because I wanted to talk about the things I actually tried out. But I am looking forward to trying out my eyeliner from Pencil Me in Cosmetics as well as the Emergen-C. I also recommended the B Braxton salon to a student who wanted to do something nice for her husband!

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