End of Year Musings

As we approach the new year I think a lot about what I’ve accomplished both personally and professionally each year. And I think about what I hope to tackle in the next year, I believe that I’m at an age where resolutions don’t hold too much  merit .. and I think of what it means to make a resolution and maybe we’re doing it wrong. I watched the movie, New Year’s Eve and I thought about Michelle Phiffer’s character and how she set those goals and had to get them done before midnight (the New Year). They weren’t things like “Lose Weight” or “Save more Money” They were more tangible. More memorable. This is a little off topic for what I wanted to write, but not completely. Anyway. I don’t resolve to do anything for 2012, but I resolve to have a plan to make tangible changes, I think *bbm squiggly face*

This thought comes to me because for so long I’ve been trying to find the balance between work, school, and play. All three equally important things in my life at the current moment and hopefully they will all be there as 2012 continues. As I struggle to find the balance I don’t know what to proritize first. I mean, its a no brainer right. Work. School. Play right? or is it School. Work. Play? And when I say play I include everything from gym, to reading, to TV time,  to ladies night out with the girls.

As I was trying to figure out a schedule for the upcoming semester for my gym life around my work and school schedule I was faced with a dilemna. Mostly because of my place of employments alternating 12-8 with 8-4pm days. GGGGRRR to working til 8 (But I have to be thankful for a job, right? *bbm eye roll* I am. No lie. I reallllly am. ) Anywho, I really would like to switch some of my days around to make time for some classes at the gym in addition to going to my brick and mortar classroom learning… But my boss is meeting me with resistance. Why? Because it would mean he has to work alone on some evenings and some morning. * sigh *

*Jan. 3*

So I started this post days ago, but I’m just coming back to it.. and I can’t remember my original train of thought, so I’m just going to post it.

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