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I realized while talking to someone over the weekend, I have been holding out! I have not been sharing in my nail journey with my blog. I mean I LOVE my nails. Designs are so fun and actually having healthy nails is a task. The ultimate compliment I got was when my nails were plain and someone said, “wow your nails look so healthy!” * cheese *

So here are some nail designs I have done myself over the last year or so. Many of them are inspired by looks I’ve found online. I read and watch tutorials.  I also am obsessed with buying nail polish and nail care things. I also practice. As you can see from some of the pics. One thing I wanted to try but never got around to was the tribal nail. Maybe next summer.

Some of my fav designs here. You have the mood changing polish, depending on if you’re body temp is hot or cold it can be pink or purple. That was my most recent birthday. The nails I literally JUST did are the baby doll pink with black matte leopard accent nail. I was inspired by some photos of black and gold matte leopard nails and wanted to try to recreate. Right before those was the terracotta color, which is Zoya Natalie (the pink was Zoya Flora). Zoya is an all natural polish and I stocked up on some great colors due to their buy 2 and only pay shipping sales! #WIN. I love the neon yellow. I did that using a tip from, which was to apply coat(s) of white underneath the yellow to make it stand out because when I first did it, you couldn’t even see it. It made my nails look like jaundiced yellow “/

In one corner you have my blood splatter design from Halloween. I got that idea from reading They have great DIY nail blogs, especially for holidays. I also love the nude with polka dots. The nude is Zoya Shay (FREEE) and that was in November. I did the white with orange polka dots when I went to ATL in May for PhDubb’s graduation. I also love the teal color at the bottom and a similar color is on my nails in the top corner.. the bottom is Mattese Elite, which is exclusive to Ricky’s in NYC. Buy with ME had a sale, spend $20 and get $40 for use at Rickys. I bought 5 bottles of Nail polish. There are some designs I didn’t talk about but if you have questions on them, I will gladly answer. As you can see I am passionate about nails! My coworker swears I’m in the wrong profession.

My nail polish habit is sick. I had more bottles but discarded a few. Last I counted I had about 31 and I bought more after that. That’s not including top coats and base coats.

Nail Care ::

My nails were in pretty bad shape at one point. I didn’t really know to file in one direction only. I would file with damp nails. I would bite. Use my nails as a tool. All the things you shouldn’t do. My friend introduced me to Nailtiques, which is a nail protein and my nails, while not extra long, have grown to be extremely healthy and flexible due to the use of that and better technique. It retails for about $20 bucks a bottle but lasts for at least 1-2 months. Nailtiques can be used as a base and top coat, but when I use it I typically just do it bare nailed and go hard for 2weeks or more depending.

For a base coat, I’ve recently been using the Seche Vite

Ridge filling base coat. I also use their quick dry top coat, which if you google, gets AWESOME reviews. It reallllly is quick dry. That came as a bday gift from the same friend who introduced me to Nailtiques.

Lastly, for cutiles. Essie Disappear Trick. NO trimming. Just 15 second application. push back with orange stick and you’re hands look ah-maz-ing.

I recently watch a Deborah Lippman video on manicures and took away some great tips that I’m working into my routine. I also want to splurge on either some Deborah Lippman or Chanel Polish.

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