Rumble young (wo)man, Rumble

I am DISCOURAGED!  I mean not a whole lot but enough to bruise my ego.

A week into my “Biggest  Winner” competition at work and my training for Sparta I felt like I was doing things right. I was, most importantly, excited for my workouts. They were going good. And I ate pretty damn good all week. Always staying under my calories. But I weighed in today 2 pounds heavier. Instant demotivation.

However, I will not let it get me down. I’m having a lot of fun doing the training. It’s great having an email group where we discuss the daily workouts and modifications and where we struggled with it. That is definitely keeping me motivated. Plus its the excitement of trying new routines. I’d have never done 5 pushups a minute for 22 minutes had it not been for the Workout of the Day. And I wouldn’t have tried to run a mile after doing 100 lunges (it felt like 10000000) lol.

Ok. I am off to the gym now to try todays Workout of the day. #keephopealive

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