Brown Chicken, Brown Cow

* sing it like you mean it * Brown Chicken Brown Cow . Get it?

Ok, that was in a greeting card I read at Target and totally not the topic of discussion today.  I’ve had this blog sitting in limbo for some time (notice a theme in my blogging life?) Life is just confusing .. but I want to take a moment to thank my booski Anu-veetrrraaa for her lovely insight today. In one of our uber silly conversations she let out this gem of knowledge.  Bless her young soul :

no one wantsss a boyfriend they just happen haha lol, yew being single is no reflection on anything missy

I mean, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that being single is discouraging! I mean, clearly its apparent here on this blog where I write about my many MisAdventures of dating (or lack thereof) but sometimes it really is … disheartening. I don’t realize how much time I spend brooding about being single until I thought How do I spend so much time talking about it?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t sit and brood. But when you are a young woman and you get with your friends, what do you think the topic of conversation will naturally gravitate towards? MEN … I mean if I were to read this blog I’d probably think I was some boy/sex crazed fanatic.. but I’m really not! I swear I can hold an amazing conversation that doesn’t even come near the topic of men, but you probably wouldn’t know it from reading this.  am I OD? And it would seem that I’m unhappy. I’m really not, I am actually in LOVE with my life right now. I love my mentees and seeing their progress. I love my apartment even if its not where I want it to be yet. I love that I just got Lasik. I love that I can lounge around the house all day in sweats and a headscarf and no one can know. And through it all, I love the idea of love. I’m not jaded or crushed or hurt or skeptical (ok maybe a bit skeptical…) . I guess I’m hopeful, about so much in life I find it hard to find the time to be sad about it.


Some great quotables from a Melanie Fiona interview (who I can say I am looking forward to checking out her second album) I just read and I thought it to be fitting:

So in the meantime, you’re single?
I’m single. But I’d rather be happily single than miserably in love.

Is the heartbreak on the album?
It’s all over the album. A bit of what I’ve learned is in each song. I’m in no rush for wrong love. But if right love is outside that door, I’m ready. Love is the foundation of everything. It just has to be right. And I know what’s wrong now.

What’s wrong?
Love and relationships are really simple. It could be so simple but you’d rather make it hard.

Oh Lauryn! 
Lauryn was right. Love isn’t supposed to be hard.
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