My “funny” valentine

Everyone’s favorite made-up consumer holiday is steadfastly approaching and I am trying to avoid all the sad eyes and “woe is me” eyes that people keep giving me. Honestly, I think other people are more concerned for my lack of Valentine than I am. . . I don’t remember if I was sad last year about not having a valentine, but I know this year I am NOT. And here is why I think it doesn’t matter…

Not to sound sound cocky, but I’m finally at a point where I realize I am single because I choose to be. Sure, I could be with someone right now, but I know deep down that they aren’t the match for me. I COULD be getting laid regularly, but I know that I want more than that. This is the first time I sat down and thought about what I want from a mate. I wrote it down in my trusting and non-tempermental BlackBerry  *bbm eye roll* Care to know what’s on my list?

This is verbatim, I did add or delete anything, but I might refine it later ::

  • Full Disclosure
  • Someone I communicate with daily, not just texts and gchats. phone convos. Hell skype.
  • Honesty
  • Exclusivity
  • Emotional Support
  • Dating not just for dating – want someone who wants what I want, which is something long term. If it leads to the American Dream, awesome. But it has to feel natural and not forced.
  • Dates. Even if we decide on titles, we still go out on dates.
  • Once we have sex – lots of it!

I chuckled at myself for the last line. I don’t think I’m asking alot on my list. Note that I don’t have any physical demands. I don’t need him to be tall, dark and handsome – although it would for sure be a bonus. But I’m more into the character of a man than his outward appearance.  Some of these things go hand in hand, isn’t honesty full disclosure? THAT my friends is maturity and why I’m not upset about Valentine’s day .. I also told my good friend that I am finally starting to see and appreciate my own value. And realized that I don’t have to look for things. Attract don’t chase. (Why did I have an urge to type YOLO???)

OH I googled my posts for Valentine’s Day and my last one was in 2010 (my first  non-date Valentine’s Day since like HS ) and I wasn’t sad then….

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