Every year I like to re-evaluate my life on my birthday and see what I’ve done in the past year and possibly make new goals.. 26 was … Different. I partied more that I did before. I dyed my hair blond. I completed my first year of grad school. I moved into my own apartment again. I found comfort I silence.

What are my goals for the next year?
1. Blog. Blog. Blog. The few readers I have may start to see a change in my posts and more posts. What are my passions? I started logging as a creative outlet to express my varying interest. Right now my interest are fitness/health (even if I’m not on the top of both of those, they interest me), nails-polish, art, designs. All of it. Life. Experiencing moments, creating memories. Relationships. Im going to aim for 1-2 post a week. So I will bring you more of those things. I’m not a fashion, entertainment, or anything blogger. I’m just a jersey girl who’s sorta smart, kinda funny & trying to figure out this thing called life.
2. Indulge in my passions. I have wanted to take a cooking class for awhile. Why haven’t I? I used to live writing. Indulge myself. Sort of a back to basics. Stop being so “busy” that’s don’t remember important things.
3. Small steps = big results.
4. Health and fitness. I’m not the perfect eager. I often want dessert and drinks and to eat out. But I am vowing to eat more whole foods. Little to no meat. I love my juicer. I live that I’m getting to a point where running is more realistic. I’m competing in Spartan race this Saturday June 2nd. Do I want to lose weight along the way! Absolutely. But I want to be health and have no health issues more. I don’t want to be one of the millions of Americans who suffers from heart disease and diabetes. And why not start now?

So now that you know… All I have to do is deliver. And I am a deliverer to other people, so now I have to deliver to myself.

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