When does “I want to be” become “I AM”?

WE all work hard to be the person we want to be right? Whether its the person who wakes up at 5am to work out or the person who buys little sweet gifts for those around her that she loves. At some point in life we are putting in effort to become this person we want to be. When do we stop wanting and actually becoming???

For instance. I want to be runner. I always imagined I’d be one of the bopping ponytails on the treadmill when you enter. Or one of those people who wakes up and does 5 miles before jetting off to work. So I’ve been taking steps to become a runner by actually trying to run. I’ve bought the shoes (twice) the insoles, the socks. the gear. Am I runner yet or am I trying to run? The fact that I’m able to get up to 4 miles (running/walking) in a few short weeks. Am I runner yet or still saying “I want to be a runner?”

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