The past few weeks I’d been wanting to buy a stand or some sort of org anizer for my polish .. being sick of them tossed in a tupperware container haphazardly. It was frustrating trying to remember and keep up with all the polishes I had. I had seen blogs where people used acrylic shoe storage containers and thought, “wow, what a good idea” but something about it wasn’t for me. Then at the nail salon, I saw one of those cool rotating stands and was like yeah… I want that.. Too bad online they cost like $70 .. so I decided let me try to make on myself. Being a student of Google College at YouTube University, I quickly put my search skills to use. The first video I came across was this one by Dulce Candy which was HUGE and uber cute … after some more clicks I saw a bunch that were made with foam board, but none of them were as DOPE as Dulce’s .. so I attempted to make my own …

I didn’t need (or at least didn’t think I needed) as many shelves as her, so I settled for 10. I spent about $18 bucks in home depot and another 5-10 in Walmart getting supplies (and some for the calendar I made which is TBA). Here is my finished product which I LOVE LVOE LOVE LOVE!!!  I realized that I guess I need more than 6 shelves. I tried to organize it by color families. Luckily now that I realize how easy it is, I can tackle another one if necessary Supplies used: 3.5 inch x 2 feet boards (6) 3.5 inch by 2.5 feet (2) Glue gun Gorilla Glue  Wood Glue White Spray Paint Sanding Paper I had to sand some of my boards because the fine gentleman at Home Depot, when he cut the boards, they were not perfectly even. I already had a glue gun, so that didn’t have to be purchased (THANKS ELI!!!!!)  Here are more pics of me in progress.

Oh, and FYI you are not supposed to spray paint indoors, but I did it because it was raining outside, and you can’t spray paint outside in the rain. So, I put down my drop cloth, opened my patio and quickly spray painted. I did fear I might die from toxic fumes, so I quickly went to bed and put on my sleep mask (I have diagnosed sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine) so that I’d have fresh clean air and not die. So yeah, don’t do that!
But I love my rack, I love my polishes. I love having them all there to be viewed when debating what to do with my nails! If you try it pleasseeeee let me know!
* hugs *


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