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I’ve decided to begin sharing outfits I’ve worn when I feel fantabulous! Here is something I wore a few weeks ago.

I got the body suit at asos.com back before my trip to the left coast but didn’t wear it. I’m not sure if you guys know this but I have a love affair with sheer. The bottoms are BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters. Let me say that their jeans are the best discovery. I never shopped in UO because I assumed they don’t make clothes to fit me. WRONG. (my size issues are a whole different post) . I picked up a pair of their shorts while inVegas and loved.. So when I was in their 14th street location in NYC browsing the clearance section I grabbed a pair of pants and bought them. I was scared they wouldn’t fit, but loved the color .. My friend pointed out that they had great stretch. Fast forward to home where I tried them on and they fit like butter. I went back a few days later and got these black high waisted pants, while they were still on sale. Definitely my new favorite jeans! I topped the look off with my trusty H&M blazer that I’ve had for awhile. I was off for dinner in Hoboken and some random debauchery in NYC..

The hair? I have recently become obsessed with the bun. I wanted a really high bun to night, so ousted not 1 but 2 sock bun pieces (stacked) and created the bun. I wanted to spice it up, so I did the twist in the back. I had been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and saw a similar style with front twists on Kourtney and that’s where my inspiration came from…

I wanted to pick up some of the colors from the colored sequins, so I used green cream eyeshadow as a liner on my waterline and winged it out. It’s urban decay eye shadow and it’s so easy to apply.

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