Enchantment Passing Through

20140124-235428.jpgYoga is new to me and of course being the crazy person I am I started with Bikram (or hot yoga depending on who you ask) , and I’m learning to will and focus my body but how can I will and focus my mind? I tend to be someone who charges forward with new things or just whatever my current interest is, maybe it’s the Gemini in me. But the problem with charging full steam ahead is I run out of fumes too early. Or I lack true preparation skills and forward thinking. I know that I have trouble with accountability when it comes to holding myself accountable, which is why this week I was able to skip the gym entirely. Not the best idea when you want to train for a half marathon.

Anywho… Since the theme this year is #2014orbust I have to get my shit together so that I can feel the power, determination, and focus. I’d like for the focus I feel in that 105 degree room to be constant in my life rather than enchantment passing through. With all these technological tools on the fancy Iphone I abandoned my Blackberry for, you would think that accountability would be easier, but often technology can be a distraction versus a tool. Finding the balance to enacting change and tracking change.

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