Three’s a Crowd

***started on 1/23***

I’m in a threesome and I want out. It involved me, my Keurig and a French Press.

Season 1. In this episode Carrie finds out that Big was married once, and that he had a threesome. Charlotte’s boyfriend wants to have a threesome. Miranda feels left out because she’s never been “threesome material”, so she responds to a classified ad to validate her sexual appeal. Samantha becomes involved with a married man, and his wife offers to have a threesome to keep the marriage together, which Samantha declines.

I love, LOVE, and love my Keurig, It really helped grow my passion and love for coffee. It helped me experience what coffee flavors  and roasts were truly about.  But as with any relationship, and to the chagrin of love – I fell out of love with him. We had a long run, we got serious in ’08 when he was brought to me by the former lover. We co-habitated in four apartments since that time. We tried various brands, re-usable filters and even being used a mechanism to pour hot water over oatmeal. I mean, we were together since Green Mountain was the sole proprietor of K-cups. It was bliss.

Somewhere between Forks Over Knives and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and the host of articles on cancer being  a potential side effect of the quick brew plastic cups, I wanted out. Or maybe it was just not being able brew a bigger cup, IDK! Or the fact that k-cups put a serious damper on a girls grocery budget (it’s hard out here for a pimp).

I am a bit of a novice coffee snub. Dunkin Donuts hot coffee is offensive and should be banned. Starbucks is amazing, but yet I hate when its over brewed and taste bitter. Surprisingly, convenience stores like WaWa and QuickChek have hidden gems. Not all diners and restaurant coffee is created equal and maxwell house can never be brewed in my cup.

Somehow I got the idea that I should get a french press. I mean, it was WAY cheaper than buying a new Keurig equipped with a carafe, because really -brewing more coffee in a K-cup just leads to a bigger coffee bill. Am I the only one who will run the Keurig twice to get all the flavor out and a bigger cup of coffee? NO? GREAT!

Anywho, this week has been my first run with my Bodum BRAZIL French Press ($20, Target)  and my Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder ($14, Target) and Starbucks Pike Roast Beans and a Teavana Tumblr I had courtesy of a random student who left it behind in a lecture hall that I hoarded about a year ago (YES I SANITIZED IT).  I bought the Bodum and the Grinder without doing any research, I just knew that I saw a french press in target and wanted to try it.

At first I thought I would buy a french press and all would be well, but after some reading and being introduced to things like an Aeropress (which I opted against) it came out that the French Presses needs coarse ground coffee and the best way to get those was to grind your own.  That is how I ended up with a grinder (which after research now, glade grinders are the ones you don’t want… oh well). It

This is not an exact science but I kind of love it.  Today, I grossly over-poured my water. The press ask for 4 ounces (1-cup) of water per rounded scoop. This can be off because what I consider rounded may vary from the manufacturer.. Sadly, my measuring cup equates 1 cup with 8 ounces and I was rushing and forgot, so instead of pouring about 20 ounces of water into the press I did about 32. Shit happens right. I attempted to let it steep a little longer than the 4 minutes to give it a deeper flavor. Still a little watered down, but honestly, this was still better than the god awful stuff they sell at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Stay tuned for more adventures in pressing!

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