Oh, Hell Yes

First and foremost, wordpress has changed so much since I’ve stopped writing here. I wanted to do something different for lent and decided to make journal-ing a practice for those 40 days as opposed to removing something from my life. Well, I’m a little behind because it’s not something I think to do first anymore, but here I am. I wanted to do the journaling here on cleosunshine.com because this is near and dear to my heart and something I MISS! I can’t say if I want to be CleoSunshine anymore, but it is what I have and I don’t love the idea of starting over.

So here’s where we are since I last wrote here:

  • Moved into a new town, into our own home.
  • Began a leadership position at work
  • Enrolled in a doctoral program
  • Purchased a new car
  • Gained and lost some friends
  • My spirit has been broken, rebuilt, and repaired
  • Gained some weight, lost some weight, gained it again

Just the typical life of a young, black professional! I am out here trying to live, learn and take the lessons my ancestors gave me. I am excited to be back and will give more meaningful posts in the future, but this was a reintroduction. I know blogging and social media all require strategies now and no one does it for fun or pleasure, but that was why I initially started this.

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