BCBG Girls Disaster!

So, today I was browsing in the Macy's shoe department (which was a horrible experience I will detail at a later time) and I came across these shoes.  I sometimes search the clearance racks for various items, sometimes out of season shoes, sometimes just shoes I liked that are now cheaper.  I like to apply various Macy's coupons to these already discounted prices.  Ok, so enough background.  Take a look at these!! The BCBGirls Lotun. Horrible abominations of shoes... All these features should not be in one shoes, its just morally wrong! Zipper Mary Jane.. could have worked if solo.  That is how the shoe caught my eye.  I, lately, have had a thing for the Mary Jane variation, and love a good twist.  A little bit of hutzpah (idk…
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