An introduction is necessary: Slasssh

I don’t know if everyone knows, but I have an addiction: to shoes.  Preferably, heels that are 4 inches or better.  Three and a half is nice, but four is wonderful.  Anyway, once upon a time in a land I call “internet heaven” I purchased a pair of shoes from Steve Madden online.  Ever since then they email me with new arrivals and clearance sales and the likes.  So when I checked the email today, I saw that they have these shoes available for pre-order.  I introduce you to SLASSSH.  At first I was like wtf, and open toe boot. but the more I looked at them I saw the potential – Me, in a skirt showing a little leg, hair blowing in the wind.  Oh yes, it was magic.  OH, and I love the platform look in my heels, its a necessity.  Makes for much more comfortable shoe wear.  I also love a low boot because I have HUGE calves, so it is hard to find boots that will fit over the logs I call legs.  Damn me for having perfectly sized feet, LOL!!! Now, I don’t believe in paying full price for anything.  So I will NOT be pre-ordering anything.  I will wait and see if they get sent to Macys and take advantage of my nice coupons or when Steve email’s me some new coupons for 10-20% off.  I love SLASSSH but I love my sisters Sale and Clearance even more.  So guys, these are on my wish list along with a few other choice shoes.

2 thoughts on “An introduction is necessary: Slasssh

  • maureen

    I JUST saw these shoes at the first i saw them on display and I was like WTF? but then the sales girl cruises over in her black tights, yellow t-shirt and black “mens” jacket????? I WAS IN LOVE! I wanted them!! I STILL DO…I love those shoes but I don’t $199 love them… hook a sister up with a coupon when you get one because I WANT these shoes!

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