iTunes Blunder

Every time I’m updating my playlists on my iTunes I always wish that I could see if a song is already on a playlist and silently prayed for the iTunes Gods to add that user-friendly feature. And before I tell you about my blunder its important that I note one thing,   I consider myself pretty iTunes savvy.  So imagine my surprise when one day I right clicked on a song to see something and I noticed the options, add to playlist and shown in playlist.  Usually when I add to a playlist I kinda just drag and drop.  I’m also assuming that this isn’t a new feature since the last itunes update was for iPhone fixes and etc.  So I felt like a complete idiot.  Why didn’t anyone tell me this whenever I mentioned it.  Now I’m wondering what other features, in Itunes and other programs, am I not taking advantage of.  I mean, people call me for help with their iTunes problems.  So how could I have missed this.  I feel like I need to retake my itunes Tutorial.  Sigh

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