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Disclaimer: This is solely my opinion and I don’t represent any one elses views or have any facts to back up my opinion…

So this weekend I went to see Jack Bauer, I mean Keifer Sutherland in the movie Mirrors.  And I have to say that over the past few years I have lost faith in scary movies.  So many have been . . . whack for lack of a better word.  I can’t pretend that there haven’t some jewels:

  • The Saw series
  • The Hills Have Eyes
  • The Ring (only the first one)

But so many have been remakes of past movies or of popular Asian movies.  I mean, movies in general have just lacked any sparkle of creativity.  in the past 5 years there have been more remakes than original screenplays and more movies from comic books, cartoons and TV shows than successful blockbuster films, but yet actors are steadily making more and more money.

Anyway, I went on Saturday night to watch Mirrors, which I suspected was a remake of an Asian film and after some research yesterday found out it was, and it was good. The story features a down on his luck cop who takes a night job at an old department store. He begins to realize there is something fishy with the mirrors, and sets out to find out what is up before his family is destroyed or he is killed like others before him. Now, I enjoyed this movie but I still had several questions that I don’t want to ask in fear of giving too much away, but I am going to ask some.  I wonder were the “mirrors” selective in who they chose to harass? And there are some questions I have about the ending, I mean how did he get there if  . . . .?? And Is he dead or alive? I know they left it open to have room for a sequel, but dammit I need my questions answered. And I mean seriously, an abandoned burned-down department store in the middle of NYC is straight unrealistic. First off, Macy’s Herald Square would have put them out of business and secondly new yorkers aren’t much for Saks has the luxury game on lock. And why were they not rebuilding, if someone admits to arson the insurance would cover the damages. I’m jus saying-logistically I saw error in that. And then why hire patrolmen to protect burned merchandise?? Not well thought out or they cut those scenes.

As far as the acting-Keifer Sutherland is Jack Bauer in everything that he does. He would need to take a role like Nathan Lane in the birdcage for me to not see the Jack Baueresque-ness of him. Paula Patton as his wife wasn’t horrible, but in typical horror movie fashion she was wishy washy. Long periods of doubt followed by belief when she needed it. The son, he didn’t say much but he didn’t need to. There is always that one child who bonds with the alien/demon/creature and helps it- that’s him. And the daughter, I knew who she was from the CW show “the game.” She plays the biracial daughter of two main character and alas here she is also playing a biracial daughter.I guess she’s a good actor for a kid.  I find it hard to be harsh to child actors…

Overall, I don’t regret spending the cash or the time to see this movie. It had me jumpy.  Had the appropriate number of gory scenes to satisfy that blood craving you need with a horror film and the effects weren’t horrible.  As long as they don’t go shuffling around the cast I guess I might.

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