Sandcastle Disco Baby!!!!

I  may be one of 5 people who are looking forward to Solange’s album, Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams. I loved the first single, “I Decided” and I just saw this video this morning, and I like i too. In certain parts of the video you REALLLLLYYYY see the family resemblance between her & her ever famous sister Beyonce. I love how Solange plays on the shit people talk about her, in the video she’s singing atop a can of Solange, Can I sing soup… amusing. And she has this freestyle out to the industry, “Signed Sincerely” which I really like. So, she has found a fan in me… And because of that, on August 26th, I will download her album with glee… I mean, I did think of pre-ordering it at because its like 7.00…

Oh, and I was totally loving the video until like the last minute, where she is wearing this yellow green frock that looks like Big Bird’s feathers with a splash of Gatorade. Horrible!!! she needs to fire her mother as her stylist!!

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