Sigh, just throw it up and watch it. . .

So, I am quite new to this blogging thing, and as you can see I am constantly changing and updating and growing.  So todays lesson was finding out the difference between and   And i can say it wasn’t quite what I thought it was and I still have many questions.  I found out because I had been trying to upload a plugin.  and I read all this tutorials and help sites that just kept saying, “use a plugin with wordpress” never differentiating between .com and .org.  So I followed allll the steps and still had no luck.  So I then go back into the available forums and frequently asked questions and find that yes, you can use plug ins with wordpress, just not the wordpress I am using.  So for now I will not have the plug ins that I am interested in, and will continue to work with what I got.  Because after all, “If you lack what you need, then use what you’ve got.” I am perfectly happy here on my new home and I’m sure if the need be I can be guided on the steps to converting my .com home to .org home and assisted with a host and all that good stuff.  But as it is, I am a rookie and just learning all the ropes and i am OK with that.  After all, what can I do besides throw it up and watch it turn into sunshine 😉

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