Spin Class My Ass

So in my world, Thursdays have recently become “Spin Class Thursday.” So every week no matter how tired I am and I drag my ass to the 6:45 pm Spin Class at my gym.  Now, I’ve been doing this class for about 3 weeks, so its fairly new, but its pretty cool. However,  if anyone has taken a spin class they have realized that this bike hurts your ass.  Not in a “Oh my god! we worked our glutes hard today,” kinda way, but in a “Damn, my ass is sore kinda way.” No matter how softly I try to come down on my seat, that damn piercing seat makes my ass hurt.

I don’t know if everyone knows what a spin class (or a cycle class as some call it) entails, so I’m going to tell you. It is a class, with an instructor, and you  ride a stationary bike.  Basically you use increasing levels of tension and various speeds to simulate outdoor cycling.  You might crank your tension up really high and stand like your peddling up a steep hill, or you might sit and pedal as fast as you can to pretend your racing.  Sometimes you do different “routines.” You might reach back and “GO!” as my instructor yells, or you might lunge forward just to make sure your hitting all your muscles.  I’ve only taken this class with one instructor and he’s pretty good, not horrible choices in music, but he’s a talker. And if its one thing I dont like its people who I don’t really know talking to me at the gym.  Like, he tries to get you to talk back, “how you feeling out there…” you know stuff that requires a response.  Now, I’m not much of a talker in certain aspects of my life and that bothers me.  Especially when they force you to talk back.  I don’t do well under pressure. 🙁

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