Stupefication Guaranteed

Who hates their job? Who hates working? I know I do, I hate work. This is no surprise because there are few people who actually enjoy work. But sometimes I just feel like my job actually makes me dumber! My job doesn’t require any actual brain work, or so the kids would like to believe. As a “front counter” person they believe that all the power lies with “those in the back.” Which, in part has some truth. I cannot do anything to your account that would benefit you. I can cancel your loans, but I can’t add any funding because I don’t get any.. However, sitting with “someone in the back” doesn’t make your day any smoother. Fact is, I am giving you all the information you need. If you listened to what I was telling you and didn’t interrupt their day to ask questions you already had the answer to maybe we wouldn’t be behind in processing the documents you submitted. But people don’t understand that.

Do I take it personal, no. Because its not their faults that they are idiots. Usually its someone in a totally different office told them they need a representative from the magical back to do all things that need to be done. I love it when they come in and they are like,

“I need to speak to someone.”

“Hi, I am someone, what can I help you with?”

“Financial Aid.”

“Well, this is the financial aid office, your question is obviously about financial aid, what is your question?”

“I have a problem with my aid.”

“Ok… what is your problem.”

“It’s personal, that’s what they told me to say over there, so can I sit with someone in the back.”

“Well, sometimes other offices don’t know how our office works, what is your question, and if we can’t help you solve it then you can see one of the counselors.”

“Ugh, I want to know the website for njclass.”

“Oh ok, well that address is ________ or you can access it via our website under the link for _______.”

“Can i talk to someone else please.”

“Sure, I can have someone repeat the website for you.”

Then they sign their name and tell them to have a seat in the waiting area. And for some reason no one can ever find our waiting area. There are two doors in the office, the one in which they entered and will eventually exit and the one that leads to a sitting area, which is glass and has a clear view of the several couches and chairs available for sitting. So they walk around stantions looking for a waiting area. “Wait, where do I go? I’m confused.” So I point to the door that I’ve been holding the buzzer for since they signed in. So then I call the counselor and they sign them in and sit with them for a few moments and the person leaves kinda agitated. I’m looking at them like ha ha, told ya!! And the counselors kinda scowl at me wondering why I had them sit in the first place. I think to myself that they don’t pay me enough to deal with the bullcrap. If someone is insistent, dammit, I don’t got time to try to play devils advocate. I mean, yes I do feel their frustration, now their flow has been interrupted. We all know how hard it is to get back into the groove when we’ve been interrupted. For example, have you ever been like having sex and the condom broke or some other occurrence, and now you have to take a break and rectify it. That shit throws off the mood like crazy! Now he’s going soft and you need to be re-stimulated and now its like starting over. Dammit!

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