The Time for Democracy is NOW!!

So, I joined a contest on one of my fellow blogger site, A Phone Sex LIfe, so now EVERYONE has to go vote for me. My entry is under the name of Desire. In the contest you had to “Describe the ultimate sexual experience that anyone would love.” And I think I did pretty darn well… I haven’t read the other entries, but I will. And even if you don’t vote for me, which you should, at least vote for someone so that it makes it interesting!!

p.s. I need to find some cute catchy ending phrase, like how on Gossip girl, she’s always like “XOXO Gossip Girl.” Damn… any ideas.. Maybe I’ll hold a contest and we can vote on the best phrase .. Interesting idea .. I’ll definitely look into it…

Voting is until Saturday, so have fun exercising your right to vote! Vote Here!!!

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