Case of the Missing Peen!!

“I think penises are little Napoleons that’ll try to take over the world.”- My friend the Asian

This was the perfect time to use that quote! Can you imagine waking up to find your penis gone!! For the ladies, you’re breasts?? Philip Seaton, 61 went in for a circumcision as part of a medical procedure in Louisville, KY and came out with his whole peen gone. That’s got to be worse than the hospital in Trenton, NJ that I went to once! Remind me never to get hurt in Louisville! Anywho, he and his wife are now suing the doctors for obvious reasons, among those, “loss of enjoyment in life.” I whole heartedly agree that enjoyment is gone, which is why I’d never want to hurt my mammories! This doctor must have idolized Lorena Bobbitt and waited for an opportunity to recreate her masterpiece.  In the defense of the doctors, they say that they cut off Seaton’s “little friend” because they found cancer. Now, I have two questions… cancer cells are normally internal, correct? And a circumcision can be performed without an internal examination of the peen, right? So did he go looking for cancer or other problematic instances as an excuse to do this? Secondly, Seaton is also suing the anesthesiologist for using general anesthesia when he didn’t sign off on it. If this was a simple circumcision why did they feel the need to use general anesthesia? Something does NOT sound right there in my mind. One more question, as a doctor, doesn’t he have the right to offer this man a second opinion. Let him know what his options are. I mean, this seriously wasn’t a life or death matter. It wasn’t like they went in to replace a kidney and saw cancer on his liver and had to chop half it off for his survival. Many people, old or young, choose to deal with chemo and radiation or even not treat the cancer cells at all. This man doesn’t have that option nor the option to have sex anymore. That sucks. Too many people have a God complex…


2 thoughts on “Case of the Missing Peen!!

  • First let me say I know your like how old is this post, why are you responding to this, but I saw this and had to respond, although I totally agree that they should have counseled him, and not gone all scalpel crazy but, sometimes the severity of the cancer can warrant immediate actions, with cancer being found in his “area” he probably had cancer of the prostate which is one of the deadliest areas to get cancer or best case scrotal (which is still bad). They more than likely saw an enlarged growth and felt it was the best option

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