HBO’s True Blood

HBO’s new series True Blood stars Anna Paquin and a few other people who i don’t know, but so far its pretty good.  It’s based on a series of books by Charlaine HarrisI have watched all four episodes and each one has been pleasantly surprising. My friend says that the way they use the metaphor of vampires and humans is reminiscent of blacks and whites after the Civil War with the central idea of assimilation.  She said that every time they say vampires she replaces it with the N word.  Sometimes, it really does seem interchangeable.
I like the show because, well, I just like it.  I don’t have a thing for vamps because I hated Buffy the Vampire Slayer so it can’t be inherent.  True Blood takes place in Bon Temps, Louisiana and they have the WORST accents on this show.  Especially the black chick.  She’s the lead character from “How She Moves,” which I never saw.  She is sort of stereotypical in the show-angry black chick with deep seeded issues stemming from a childhood with a drunk mother to loneliness issues.  However, her character is obsessed with knowledge and reads on things from medical issues to the law and justice system.  Either way her character can be slightly annoying but entertaining and vulnerable.  We all love a little vulnerability.  I know I do.

I do have questions about this show. Only read on if you don’t mind slight spoiling if you haven’t seen it.  How did she become telepathic.  What crossed in her genes.  Her being Anna Paquin, Sookie is her characters name.  She is the main human character of the show.  she is slightly eccentric being that she hears others thoughts.  So of course the old country folk think she’s a “retard” on a count of the fact that she think she a psychic and all [/end sarcasm] LOL.  She has an affection for the new vampire in town, the first that they know of in Bon Temps.  Everyone thinks she’s going to get herself in some sort of trouble, especially with random killings going on.  Sookie’s brother, Jason, is dumb as a box of rocks.  He somehow keeps being a murder suspect… wonder where this is going. I personally think eventually he will become a vampire.  Those are just my thoughts stemming from his activities and his anti-vampire prejudices.

Overall, I plan to continue watching this show and seeing where it goes.  I heard it already got renewed for a second season and they are only 5 episodes into the first season.  HBO generally has shows that have a cult like following-The Wire, The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Carnival was an HBO show right? Oz was big too.  I will continue to watch without getting my hopes up too high.  Although Anna Paquin is someone I think has good acting potential I’m not so sure of her believeability in this role.  Stay tuned…

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