Nine West, Elegy.

Remember back when Tim Allen had that show Home Improvement and his show inside the show was called “Tool Time?” And Al was his co-star.  I never watch Home Improvement on Nick @ Nite because I’m upset they don’t show A Different World but I do sometimes watch Family Matters… and maybe Roseanne.  I love  Roseanne’s family’s white trash-ness. She loves it.  I love it because that was a real white family from the midwest-they weren’t all wholesome or cheesy.  They had real fights and real issues. Granted some characters were extremes (Sandra Bernhardt’s Nancy) but they dealt with real personalities in my opinion.

I don’t want to bore you with memories of my Nick @ Nite adventures, I wanted to show the world my newest shoe obsession.  In case you didn’t read about SLASSSH by Steve Madden I am an admitted shoe whore.  I can’t help it.  I try to not shop and stay away but they find me.  I am in love with these boots by Nine West, called Elegy.  Now, I think I mentioned how I have logs for calves so to find a boot that comes up to my calves AND zips up is a feat.  So I actually took the time to measure the area around my calves and see if it was OK with this boot.  And it is. So now i want them even more.  In this beautiful gray color because black looks too biker chick for me.  And while I love to look as biker chick as the next girl, I do have my limits.  Now, the ones I want I have found online for around $100 even though I found the black ones for $35 I still want the grey.  If anyone knows of a place where I can find them for cheaper let me know.  For now, they’ll stay on my wish list because I’m placing myself on a strict.. I mean STRICT budget for the next few months… and when I saw strict I mean it!!!!

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