Why do we feel the need to be Politcally Correct?

I can’t pretend I’ve been living under a rock for the past several weeks when in fact I have been quite tuned in to the mockery that has become of American Politics within the Republican Party.  I intently followed the Democratic convention and was quite impressed with the speeches I either watched or read online.  From Michelle Obama’s introduction of her husband to Hilary Clinton’s vow of “No way, no how, No McCain,” and Obama’s speech to end the convention.  I was inspired as a voter to see the unity that transpired there.  I mean who could forget the low blows that Hilary delivered in her race in the Primaries against Obama.  But in the end, if she believes in her party’s beliefs she would have to support him, which she did.  So, not to be one to make senseless judgements I said I would follow the Republic National Convention or at least read the speeches online.  I wanted to be as unbiased as possible.  And then I read Thompson’s speech.  And I realized, why did I have to be unbiased? Why does everyone feel the need to be Politically Correct? I believe what believe for my reasons, why should I care what Palin or McCain has to say.

Sarah Palin has been a hot news topic ever since she was announced as McCain’s pick for VP 11 days ago.  Now, even if I wasn’t an Obama/Biden supporter I have several problems with this selection stemming from the fact that her and McCain only met once prior to her being selected.  Who the hell are you? Nothing you can do can give voters enough information about you in the, what, 8 weeks before the election.  This is purely a strategic move by the mud-slinging republicans to pry up the ‘woman’ vote, hoping to get Hilary supporters who were only her fans for woman’s sake.  Secondly, I just can’t support some of her stances.  How can you be against teaching teens about safe sex? I mean, with teenage pregnancies on the rise who are we not to put the education out there.  To make it seem like every 17 year old pregnant girl will be welcomed with open arms is spreading a false reality.  And in some communities its a perpetuation  of a stereotype. It is NOT ok to fail to practice safe sex. With STDs and all those other forms of sexual baggage running rampant people need all the information they can get.  Hell I’m grown and I still learn new things all the time.  Teens need to be educated to reduce risk.  No, I don’t believe the sex education should start in kindergarten, but it does need to happen.  No one’s excuse should be “I didn’t know” when the information is out there.

Now, she also doesn’t believe that humans are responsible for our global climate change, better known as global warming.  If not us, then who? Are we not depleting the earth of its natural resources? Are we not manipulating the earth for our own purposes. I mean in China they control rain, that can’t be natural, that has to have some side effects.  All the oil drilling has to have some effect.  Do cars not cause pollution? Is that not bad for the ecosystem.  Have we as humans not killed off many species and now realize how important they were to the ecosystem? Do we not pump our soil full of pesticides and hormones for the sake of profit? How are we NOT responsible for our global climate change.  Not to mention her comments trivializing the value of education.  I just can’t find something good that I want to say about her. I have tried to, but I can’t.  And why should I, for the sake of being PC?

Now, I am firm believer that celebrities should be seen and not heard and that they need not voice their opinions, because usually they don’t make any sense are filled with ignorant unasked for commentary. However, every once in a while someone comes along with some sense.  In this instance Matt Damon has said that Palins quick rise resembles a “really bad Disney movie.” He also addressed the very real fact that it is highly possible that McCain (72) will die in his first term and that would leave Palin as president.  He does not see the correlation in how her being a hockey mom will aid her in facing down Vladimir Putin. “It’s totally absurd and I don’t understand why people aren’t talking about how absurd it is.” He is so right.  Do we really want her taking the helm in McCain’s absence? There is a huge elephant in the room and it stems from the Reps claiming that Obama lacks the skills needed, does Palin?

The conspiracy theorist deep down inside of me feels that this could be some sick rooted republican ploy.  I mean, what if they wanted her all along, but since no one knew her they couldn’t place her as a front runner. Sort of how Cheney is really the “brains” behind the Bush administration.  And they say McCain was a great soldier so he’s experienced. Since when does being a soldier make you a leader.  And in the words of someone I know, “He couldn’t have been that good of soldier if he got caught.” (insert hysterical laughter.) In all the comments I read on CNN to the Damon story, there were so many extremist, like this one:

“Wow, the best the Democrats can do is the guy who was Ben Affleck’s supporting actor – and trying to scare people into thinking that John McCain may die if elected? And the Republicans are the one’s making up stuff, using scare tactics, and not interested in talking about the issues?I mean, what’s more likely, an old guy dying, or a young black male being shot by another young black male? Come on, get your heads our of your butts!!!”


I’m not offended by what he said, because I say down with being Politically Correct, say what we feel.  And my feelings are Vote Obama/Biden.  Ok, maybe I am a little offended, because since when is Obama a young black man? And what does he do that puts him in line of fire, besides run for president.  And there are some KKK folk out there who don’t feel a black man should be president, so they would love to assasinate him.  If young men are putting themselves in danger, slanging rock on the corner or whatever it is  that puts them in line of fire, something is wrong with the situation. And if you put yourself in that situation, knowing the possible results, maybe you deserve the results. NO, I don’t wish harm on folk, but I think if you step in the line of fire, you get hit.  However, no one ever talks about how the government doesn’t help the situation. If they cared about black on black crime, they would take steps to help cease it. Instead they perpetuate it. But that is a whole different story.

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