Battle of the Divas! Jennifer Hudson vs. Jazmine Sullivan

I don’t know about some people, but I was excited about Jennifer Hudson’s cd being finally released.  I was not so excited about Jazmine Sullivan’s cd.  Not because she can’t sing, because she has skills, but because her first single didn’t wow me and there was so much hype around her.  Everyone was talking about it.  I like to be the kind of person that strays from the norm.  Now, JHud, is a great singer.  Do I think she should have gotten an Oscar for singing in DreamGirls… NO.. but that’s not my point.So these two albums came out pretty close together in time, and rather than write seperate reviews, I’m going to compare them.

Personally, I think Jaz’s album blows Hudson’s out the box.. Not for vocal skills but because of how personal the material seems.  Jhud’s seems so… generic.  I don’t feel like I know her any better after listening to her album.  Jazmine’s.. I feel like wow, she went through something like this.  And it’s more youthful.

Let’s talk standout tracks… JHudson.. Of course her single Spotlight is pretty dope.  But it is slightly generic.  I like the track Pocketbook in a sense that its funny and cute.  I like Giving myself, my heart, can’t stop the rain, and invisible. Cute, standard, formulaic tracks.  She doesn’t do anything surprising on this album, which is a disappointment for me.  She had so many people waiting for her to drop and it makes me wonder is that why she played it safe? they also included “and I’m telling you…” from Dreamgirls on the album.  I think they should have included, “I love you I do” versus this song because, well it was cute and this one has been heard over and over and over again.  Her songs are simply mid to low-tempo and the kind of blend together at some points.  I guess thats why I like Pocketbook, its the riskiest song on the album.  Overall, its an OK debut album but its a C level from someone with her talent.  I do NOT feel her album was worth the wait.  No sir I do NOT!

Jazmine Sullivan… where do we begin? This is a genuinely good cd to me.  Good writing, good production.  Not predictable.  On this cd I only skip one song, Call Me Guilty, I don’t know why but it just isn’t one of my favorites.  I love the track Dream big it has a different sound than the rest of the album and because it’s inspiring.  It reminds me of #1 from the Instructions for Life.. Take risks.. Be in the moment.  Wait, before I continue, I have to say that I may have listened to the songs in the wrong order because my burning program burned the alphabetically, weirdo!  The first song I heard was After the Hurricane which was good to me.  It wasn’t too mellow or mid tempo.  Following that song was Bust ya Windows which now has a video, which even though it wasn’t in order it was a good followup song – in the sense that after you tore my life up like a hurricane I’ma bust your windows! Take that man! Take that!! Other songs that I like are Fear, which is utterly simple but yet so powerful.  “you’re not human without fear” is so true.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  One night stand,  This song took me more than one listen to like. Actually, her whole album did.  The first time around I said, what is all the hype.  But me being too lazy to take the cd out my car made me realize that hey, this is actually good.  Lions, Tigers & Bears... this song hits my heart.  So real, so heartfelt so personal for many people.  Switch-the bonus track, love it! It’s so cute and fun and makes me laugh.  This is why I like her album.  it flows nice, it has a youthful feel to it. And i feel like I know her a little better after listening to it.  I feel that she’s been through some of these situations and she understands me.  I don’t know if someone else wrote them for her or not, but she makes me believe it.

Jennifer Hudson get a 3.5 outta 5.. Jazmine Sullivan is 4.5 teetering pretty darn close to 5, only because I skip that one song.  Not that its a bad song, i just like everything else so much more. Now these are just my opinions, you are free to like Jennifer’s album more, but don’t get mad if i disagree.  this is America, we can share! LOL..

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