Delve a little deeper??

Ok, so I hijacked the questions from over at SheenV’s place.. He does Wednesday Weirdness, and I liked these questions… I might hijack a few more, he just doesn’t know it yet! IF you haven’t, check him out over there in the blogroll.. its cool stuff! And he loves shoes too!!! LOL

Once again, Thanks!!!

1.) Do you think you’re approachable? Absolutely! But people might disagree.  If I don’t know people in a crowd I tend to stay to myself until the ice is broken.  Some might take that as unapproachable, but to me its just normal behavior.  Often times people say I’m just “acting light-skin” LOL

2.) Out of the two, would you rather be able to predict things before they happened or be able to read minds whenever you wanted to? Why? Much rather be able to predict things.  If I could read minds I might start going off like Sookie in TrueBlood!

3.) Have you ever kissed, fooled around or slept with an ex significant other AFTER you were already broken up? Guilty.. Sometimes people are a sucker for punishment.. Sometimes its hard to remember that you are broken up for a reason and that its better that way…

4.) Do you believe dreams are your imagination running wild as you sleep, your subconscious showing you what’s really on your mind or something else entirely? Both.  Sometimes dreams can be so far out there that you don’t have any idea what they mean.  Sometimes they are so vivid with a certain aspect of your life, that you have a hard time deciphering what was the reality.  Dreams can sometimes be portals into our futures if we look hard enough.  I grew up in a house that had a dream book, I think that most dreams have meanings, we just have to seek them out.

5.) How often do you use cuss words? Does your use of cuss words vary on your moods or situations? Somedays I cuss a lot other days I say really cheeky words instead like gosh dangit! But I do know when to turn it on and turn if off, I’m not at work cursing up a storm because that’s just inappropriate.  My grandmother cusses like a sailor! LOL

6.) Do you ever purposely lead people on so you can get what you want? Not knowingly, lol… and that’s that!

7.) When was the last time you did something you told yourself you wouldn’t do? What was it? Um.. sure.. I did swear off alcohol a few weeks ago, but yet I keep drinking. LOL.  I swore off sweets, but we all know that I have a sweet tooth.  Other things are a battle that I’m not giving up.. y

8.) If you could meet one musician who is no longer alive, who would it be? Gosh.. I just don’t know.  I’d love to meet Ella Fitzgerald… I feel like in the past singers had personality that is lacking among so many “stars” today… She had soul, she had feeling.. Or Billie Holiday.. yeahhhh…

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  • sexualnature

    If staying to yourself in a crowd is “acting lightskinned” then I must be damn near white because you know I have no interest in random conversation with random people.

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