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Go DL Hughley!

On my mornings new stroll came across this article about CNN giving DL Hughley his own show, some would compare to the Colbert Report or the Daily Show. As you all know, I am a CNN junkie. I watch all the debates on CNN, I catch their morning show, American Morning, I like Larry King even though he’s ancient. I love how he makes people slightly uncomfortable in his interviews, LOL. Anywho, Variety reports that the Show will air Saturdays at 10pm and then again on Sunday in the same news slot. Its predicted that they are gearing to appeal to a younger audience as the elections have bought news to a forefront among the new generation.

I think, sometimes, that DL boarders the lines between slightly corny and funny. He is pretty well informed and I don’t mind hearing his point of view, there are some celebrities where I think they should be seen and not heard, but DL has been pretty cool. I think I remember once hearing his story of how he was in a gang, the Bloods I wanna say, but then he realized what he got himself into after a series of tragic events and now look at him. He isn’t some new comer to the scene trying for his 15 minutes. Now, this isn’t to say that he is without fault, I mean he was in Soul Plane. SOUL PLANE!!! Horrible movie!!

Now, I’m not saying I’m going to watch his show every week, because I’d like to think I have a viable social life that keeps me occupied on Saturdays at 10.. but I’ll catch it, and I am sincerely happy for him. Do your thing DL… Darryl Lynn Hughley (wow, what a country name)


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