Hope for Hoes!!

There is hope for porn stars everywhere. Sasha Grey is an inspiration to all them hoes out there-she parlayed her fucking on screen to playing a high priced call girl in REAL MOVIE! She fucked her way to the top! Her role is realllly going to focus on her acting skills. I mean, I can see how that is so far fetched for her, instead of traditional oohs and ahhs that a porn actress has to deliver, she’s going to have to TALK! I wonder if she can form real words. I’m not really a fan of white girls in porn, I’m actually pretty particular about the porn I watch, so I’ve never seen any of her movies, which include Bitchcraft 4, Totally Fucked 2, Flower’s Squirt Shower 5, Grand Theft Anal 11, Whack Jobs 2, Meet the Fuckers, and Swallow my Children. Such wonderful films. I searched her on IMDB and she’s been in like 130 pornos since 2006. That’s a hell of a lot of fucking for camera. Steven Soderbergh has now selected her to be in his movie “The Girlfriend EXperience.” And I’m sure its not for her acting abilities.. Hollywood.. Famous Director.. Porn Star… you do the math.. Someone swallowed some children for that role or at least promised to pay upon delivery. I mean, come on look him.. Doesn’t he look like the kind of guy who wants a little porn start action? Or someone with a heavy porn addiction?

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