The Heel Story

Shoes! Shoes! and More Shoes! Ok.. So I had heard about the DSquared fashion show where the models took off their shoes because the heels were ridiculously high and I laughed because I thought of how on America’s Next Top Model Tyra Banks is always talking about the walk and gives the girls the craziest walking contest. Sometimes in 5 inch heels with a 2 inch platform a size too small, so I guess Dan & Dan watched those episodes. Anyshoe, at that same fashion show the lightning bolt heel made its debut. And I love it!! Absolutely FAB! I would so rock these if they were more in my price range! The detailing is just how I like it. A little bit of Wow to surprise people.

So keeping up with these surprisingly different heel’s, I saw that Madonna wore these shoes to the premiere of “Filth & Wisdom” for which she is an executive producer. Now, I’m all for creative expression, but handguns for heels? Wow. Is she telling us she’s a member of NRA? I just don’t get this. They look too bulky for my taste and just wrong. the shoe itself isn’t really that flattering. And they are Chanel! CHANEL! Let me say it again like Biden, CHANEL! I don’t like the front, with the open toe or the platform. And I love peep toe, LOVE IT! But this is just all wrong. Sorry Madonna.

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