Time to give it up: A memo for strippers!

So, this weekend me and my friends hit the strip club.  And we went to a strip club where girls strip because:

1. Drinks are cheap.

2. Things get really raunchy at the other kind (or so I’ve heard)

3.  Drinks are cheap.

Now, if you are in strip club and your sitting there at the bar or around the “stage” you should tip.  It’s only fair.  For those that don’t go to strip clubs often I guess you don’t know how the work. Well, the ones I’ve been to usually work this way: Girl dances around or on the pole depending on her skill set.  After she’s done there she makes her way around the bar/floor and gets her tips.  It isn’t like on StripTease where Demi Moore got her own introduction and personal attention while the other girls fade to the background.

So this particular club, Club Risque, was decent.  Drinks were cheap and it wasn’t crowded.  Me and my girls take our seats at the bar, order a round of drinks and watch the girls work.  So, I’m not really into the whole having to put the dollars on them, I kinda just like to hand them the dollar and keep it moving.  I comment on their outfits or shoes and their pole skills with the girls.  Well, this one girl was….



A pregnant skripper! I was taken aback.  I started looking for knife and gunshot wounds.  I have heard that its hard to quit, but damn.  Sometimes you gotta give that up. So. I had it all made up in my mind that I wasn’t tipping this girl. I could not support working in a strip club while your pregnant.  So I tried to keep my head down, focusing on my drink when she came over.  But I made a mistake.  I had my singles sitting near my glass.  So she walks right over there and smiles and tries to chat, forcing me to tip her.  I was guilted into tipping her.  How dare she use her pregnant belly in that way!  To make sure I wasn’t just being overzealous, I asked the bartender was she, and she didn’t know.  But the head bartender girl came over and confirmed that yes she was.  She was only staying until she’s showing.  I’m like um, “HELLO!! I see her baby bump very evidently.” Ghetto ass! It reminded me of Ronnie & Trix from Player’s Club.  How no one wanted Trix to dance for them because she was the proverbial ghetto stripper.  I wonder why so many people glamorize stripping. I guess it’s fine if you want to dance around on stage, but the whole talking to people, having them put their hands on you is just gross to me.  I would feel like a piece of meat, which I kinda am if that’s what I’m doing.

For those who don’t know Ronnie & Trix.. skip to around 4:15

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