2008 Presidential Election : Reaction

Will.I.am hologram This was the election heard round the world. Since when have Kenyans, Indians and Asians cared who was the American president? But after 8 years of falling into an abyss that would lead to America becoming yet another FORMER world power, faith has been restored in the potential that America has. Barack Obama and his movement have made that possible -not a campaign but yes a movement. He rallied support not only of the youth and blacks but he also revived an American spirit deep down inside all of us. So many people have said today that they now  know what it feels like to be “proud to be an American. ”  I actually feel that I am proud.  I have happy feelings I can’t put into words.  I open my facebook and myspace and see everyones status reflect their giddiness over the new direction we can have. Change is resonating through our hearts and minds. People actually have faith in change, shocking.

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I am only 23 and I can freely admit I may have thought this possible one day but never in a lifetime where I would be so young. The first black/African American president. I am humbled and awed all at the same time. I am also realizing even more how my generation has to step up to the plate and help continue to propel us forward. This is our generations civil rights moment. This is our March on Washington. Can we believe it was only 40 years ago that Dr. King said one day, no one really saw one day as being any day soon. This does not mean by any way that racism is dead in America,or any country, but rather shows that racial barriers can and continue to be broken down every day. Not only am I proud for my generation, but for those still alive from the original movement who have lived to see their hard work and perseverance pay off. That is what brings a tear to my eyes and a chill to my spine. Thinking of their pride, and ultimately their power in being forces of change. They are the people who need to be praised and admired. They deserve a standing ovation on inauguration day.


I can’t believe I had the fortune of being at CNN watching this moment unfold. Being in a room full of various people of shapes, sizes, and classes and seeing everyone burst into applause at the projection that he’d won. Seeing people tear and gasp out of happiness was enough to make me feel good. Seeing massive crowds gather for a man who the republicans tried to drag down with pettiness and slander stand strong-with his beautiful wife and daughters-made it all slightly surreal.  Seeing him embrace his new role with grace and dignity made me sure he was the right man.  I know on the inside there were all sorts of emotions on his part. Thinking, “I have been chosen. I am the leader. Wow.” Followed by “oh shit, I have been chosen I am the leader, wow.” Lol.

President Barack
I know its not going to be an easy road for president-elect Barack Obama, but I think he’s shown he’s solid, “solid as barack.” LOL. I believe this is the election that will be remembered for years.  This is an American triumph.  There have been wars before, so yes 9/11 will always be remembered and idolized by some. But to me that is just a day to be honored and remembered.  I sympathize with those who lost family and friends. But to me, this here, is my American history.  This is what affects me.  This affects the world.

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