Desperate Housewives: Cougars

I have been watching Desperate Housewives pretty regularly since the 2nd season. After becoming engrossed in the second season I got myself acquainted with Season 1 and the characters. Gaby being the ex supermodel turned bored suburban housewife. Susan is the clumsy lovable girl next door. Lynette the over worked mother of way too many kids and Bree, the Martha Stewart next door. I guess you can say Edie is a main character is she is the slut you love to hate. There is something to love in each characters. There are some themes that resonant each season on almost every show-someone is pregnant, someone dies, or some great disaster strikes. Recently I noticed another recurring theme on this show.

At the start of the show, Gaby was sleeping with her gardener who was a high school student. She was being a “cougar. A “cougar” is typically an older woman who sleeps with a significantly younger man. This led to drama in her personal life. Fast forward to this season, where the show has fast forwarded 5 years into the future, here we are with one of Lynette’s many kids banging his best friends mom. WTF is up with Marc Cherry and his infatuation with old women and young men? People say that TV emulates life or if life emulates TV, but in this case which is it. I guess in the case of this show, Desperate Housewives-emphasis on Desperate-it makes sense to have bored housewives who are willing to sleep with young men to bypass the boredom and the realization that their lives are less than desirable.

We see headlines all over the news when teachers are caught having sexual relationships with their students, but what about the numbers of women who aren’t caught. They are betraying their yoga class buddies by corrupting their children. Sometimes, even going as far to say that they love them. I don’t understand how these relationships start. I know sometimes that young boys, and even girls, think their friend has a hot parent. But what could possess someone to cross the line with someone so much older. And what about the parents, they usually have children that age yet they still do it. But if the same was happening to their child they’d be outraged and do eveyrthing in their power to protect them. Are the rules totally forgotten because of “love” or lust in most of these situations. Let all my friends read this, if I have children and I find out that you are sleeping with them, I will cut you. Cut you out of my life, slice you up with a knife, and probably cut your tires. Then I am going to tell your spouse. I will tell your children, and then I will post pictures up around the neighborhood so everyone knows that you are a person who messes with children. If I ever did that, I hope someone would bring me public shame also. This is not right.

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