Grey’s Anatomy: Dead Denny Sex!!

***Contains possible spoilers for Grey’s episode airing 11/20/08.***

Am I the only one not feeling Izzie Stevens having sex with her dead fiance? I have not been OK with the whole scenario with Denny walking and talking around the way, like he is alive. For those who do not watch Grey’s Anatomy, here is the backdrop:

Denny was a patient at Seattle Grace Hospital, where Izzie was an intern. All hoptie doo, they fell in love, she cut his LVAT wires to move him up on the heart transplant list, something goes awry, he dies. Izzie has a hard time dealing, eventually gets over him. Moved on is dating Alex now.

Denny makes his way back in a recent episode where Izzie has to deal with her actions because the patient she stole the heart from is now at SGH for some sort of cardio surgery I don’t remember. Denny begins to follow her around and reach out to her. And this week, she is battling with it and says to herself this isn’t right, he’s dead, I’m just reliving things we did. So, as a suggestion to prove he’s real Dead Denny decides they should boink. So they boink, the boink so loud they can be head in the hallway by all her roommates. Alex even knocks on the door to tell her to stop flying solo, and she is really all hot and sweaty. WTF. OK, here is the video from Izzie and Denny’s scenes last night..

I’m sorry, knowing someone is having imaginary hot steamy sex with a dead person is creepy. Does this make her a sort of necrophiliac? Even though she isn’t technically having sex with his body, but the idea of being with a dead person is slightly creepy. And Frankly, I like Izzie and Alex’s relationship-they talk shit to each other and have hot steamy sex, and their chemistry has been brewing since season 1. I didn’t like that shit they tried to with having her date George. That was just weird and awkward.

And while we are talking about Grey’s, I don’t like Meredith’s new friend. What is her deal, how long is she here for? I’m slightly glad her surgery wasn’t all peachy and rosy she needs a wakeup call.

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