Johnny Depp is the new Madd Hatter

These pictures have been circling the internet for the past few days. They are of Johnny Depp (one of my all-time favorite actors) as the Madd Hatter in the Tim Burton rendition of Alice in Wonderland. Honestly, I can’t say that this doesn’t look like a combination of Sweeney Todd mixed with Willy Wonka. I mean, thats why we all love Johnny, he can do weird crazy characters with the best of them. He can do heavy transformations, but does it ever become redundant? I think he’s going to make one helluva Mad Hatter, but I don’t want to feel like I’m watching Sweeney Todd or Edward Scissorhands struggle with his inner Willy Wonka if you know what I mean . . . even though he’ll look hot in his “I’m Johnny Depp and slightly creepy hot” kinda way.

I bet Helena Bonham Carter is going to be in this movie, I need to IMDB this with the quickness. I love IMDB its one of my favorite search engines, the only goto for TV and Movie information. AH HA! I used my other tab to check IMDB and she is in the movie, she’s the Red Queen! I also learned of other note-worthy casting choices: Anne Hathaway is the White Queen. Some person I don’t know named Mia Wasikowska is Alice and Professor Snape from Harry Potter, Alan Rickman to others, is cast as Caterpillar. I think I got a little excited to see Severus Snape as Caterpillar…

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