OMG!! Killer Power Ranger!!

Everyone remembers Power Rangers, right? I mean, hell, I loved the cheesey movie and used to rush home to watch the show.  And me and my friends would argue over who was the yellow ranger or who was the pink ranger.  I mean seriously, power rangers were the shit! Then there was the knockoff show VR troopers!! LOL.  Ahh, memories.  Well.  Personally I like my Power Rangers in the shows after life to continue on a do small guest cameos or even have stints on shows that didn’t work out, you know like how the Pink Ranger went on to play in Felicity? OR how the black guy did a few guest spots on Moesha.  Yes, that is how I like to remember my power rangers!

But this guy is defying my rules! How do you go from saving the world on TV to murder? Well.. I’m sure Skylar Deleon will write a tell all memoir once jail gets a little stale.  Skylar was found guilty last month of killing Tom and Jackie Hawks in 2004 by tying them to the anchor of their yacht and tossing them into the Pacific Ocean. He was also implicated in the 2003 murder of Jon Jarvi, whom he met on a work furlough plan while in prison. Seriously! Murder! UGH.. and his wife.She has a life sentence too.  He is giving power rangers every where a bad name! How dare he tanish such a great show’s memory!! Blasphemy!  Killer Ranger!

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