Straight, Gay, or Bi-Sexual?? What’s your choice?

I actually wrote this awhile ago, I emailed it to myself on Oct. 7th. I was waiting to see if I could get a video clip of the scene that I’m trying to describe, but my go-to person wasn’t able to do it. If you are interested it comes from Season 2: episode Was it Good for You? Enjoy!!

The other morning I was watching an episode from Sex And The City season 2. In the episode Samantha said something along the lines of, its the year 2000 and sexual labels would be a thing of the past. We’d no longer be gay or straight therefore not defined by labels. We’d be individualists who had sex with people-men, women whoever. And here we are in 2008, damn near 2009 and there is an outbreak of people being “sexually adventurous” and having sex with men and women. Was SATC simply making an observation of what they saw or being a catalyst for what we face now?

Look at celebrities, Lindsay Lohan for example went from accusations of sexual promiscuity to a, although not confirmed, lesbian relationship after battles with rehab. People say its just a phase, but when did this phase in life become the norm? Kate perry-kissed a girl and liked it. Wonders what her boyfriend will say. What is going on, kids are listening to this and being influenced!! My kids would not be able to hear this in my house. But you never know what your kids listen to with their friends and friends usually have a strong influence on children. I just don’t get it with the obsession with sexual exploration.

I have a friend who’s little sister wears “bracelets” or little hair ties on her wrist which signify that she likes girls too! She’s 16! many people now tote the label “bisexual” saying why should they limit their happiness to the hands of one sex?

Don’t take this as a problem with homosexuality, its not. I think people who are gay, who make it known they are strictly playing for the same team are great. They know what they like and want sexually. Either you are or you aren’t. Stop with the sexual greediness trying to guise it as something else. I don’t need to experiment with another woman to know that I need a man to please me. Most men do not kiss other men to know the want a woman. All this sexual exploration isn’t necessary and its confusing. You know have to ask ppl 3 questions before it goes too far: 1. Are you married (bcuz now a days ppl hide it) 2. Do you have kids. 3. Do you have any homosexual tendencies? Do NOT underestimate the importance of these questions. And don’t just listen to their words when they answer, look at their reactions and body language! Don’t leave home without these tools!

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  • sexualnature

    I swear if I wasn’t just talking about this the other day. I said forget the world being a melting pot of races, it is a melting pot of sexes too! Fuck how you were born or that penis was meant for vagina, thats why men have sperm and women make babies….there is so much science with sex changes and experimenting with sexuality going on that you cant tell whats what anymore. I’ll add to your three questions, question number 4. Where you BORN with the sex organs you have right now…hate it or not, its the truth.

  • desiresinspiration

    You are so right! I would hope that I would know a fake penis if I saw one, but you really just never know. It’s amazing that science has come so far that the opportunities exist, but when people take advantage of it to deceive other people its just not right. I don’t understand the fascination with becoming a melting pot of sexuality either. Is this just a US phenomenon or is it global?

  • sexualnature

    Now Im pretty sure someone somewhere is going to turn this into discrimination of some sort. But whatever. If your not afraid of honesty then I tip my hat to you, but those who cant handle the truth, go hide under a rock. The world is getting more and more accepting everyday of some crazy shit and honestly I dont HATE any of it, but some stuff does freak me out a little bit. But like I always say TO EACH HIS OWN!!! I just dont want to run into a cute ass lesbian one day, thinking its a dude and she lets me believe she is one and I date her for a month just to find out she’s a pre op transsexual or something. You just cant do shit like that to people lol!!!

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