Super Tuesday!!!

It is no secret that I am Beyonce fan and that I’m also an avid Eric Jerome Dickey fan. So today is like Christmas being that his new book and her new album come out. I heard an advance of the Beyonce cd which I mentioned before, but I’m going to give it another whirl and listen to the Deluxe version with 2 additional Japanese bonus tracks. I have faith in her ability, and it doesn’t hurt that I saw an AOL video clip where she seemed excited about her “risks” in this work. My qualm with this is that Beyonce said that she was inspired by her work on the film Cadillac Records, where she portrays a feisty Etta James. If anyone remembers when B’Day came out Beyonce said she was inspired by DreamGirls, where she played Deena, and she wrote songs she wished Deena would have sang. I think that inspiration is great, and you should find it wherever you can, but this tune is becoming a little redundant B. I want to get to know YOU when I listen to your music, not Deena or Etta, that’s why I see the movies for that.

Eric Jerome Dickey is releasing the third installment of the Gideon Series, I guess we can call it that. The first was Sleeping with Strangers followed by Waking with Enemies. I adored SWS because it was so unlike anything he’d ever written. I was slightly disappointed with WWE because I felt sex took over the story and the story had so much potential. Every great author can redeem themselves, so I’m excited to see where he takes us next. The book he wrote after WWE and before this one, Dying for Revenge, called Pleasure was extremely good. It was well written and didn’t seem forced, and I could have sworn I knew a girl named Nia. Her character was a believeable leading lady, and thats what I love about EJD. He is definitely an author I admire. I hope to go to another one of his book signings and this time not be completely in awe and actually be able to form sentences besides things like the rain.  I mean, I’d like to ask him many questions about the setting, the familial arrangements of his main characters and why, oh why, did he actually decide to continue with Gideon?

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